Friday, July 04, 2008

Grisoft's link scanning mistake

It's funny how anti virus companies seem to lose the plot so comprehensively. Over the years we've seen this with Norton, McAffee and now Grisoft, the makers of AVG.

AVG Free has been a favorite of ours. I've recommended it to thousands of people and happily used it myself.

But the Link Scanner function has upset a lot of people. For users it can slow web pages down. Australian web surfers have an additional problem in that it can boost traffic and take some users over their download limits and hit them with big bills.

For webmasters, the problem's even worse. It means websites can be tied up by excess traffic and messes up their access logs.

To compound the problem, AVG's response is pretty arrogant. Sure you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs, but this is an egg fight in the kitchen.

I've posted a fix for the problem on our IT Queries site, but it's an irritating issue.

This is a serious PR problem for Grisoft and they need to swallow their pride and put out an update that modifies the link scanning feature before they damage their brand any further.

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Luke said...

AVG Australia have since responded to the linkscanner issue and also released a new version of AVGfree. As a webmaster, I hope this resolves the issue.