Friday, December 28, 2007

Getting your store right

One thing I noticed when I went to Myers to look at the Eee PC was the difference between the PC and Apple departments.

The PC sections were dingy and unimaginative while the Mac areas were lively and well lit.

More importantly the Apple staff were bright, cheery and helpful while the PC staff gave the impression they'd rather be in working in the menswear section.

It can't be understated how important presentable, friendly and knowledgeable customer service is in the consumer sector. As we constantly see in the newsagent blog, service is important for small purchases such a magazines, but it's even more important for big ticket items like computers.

Another strike against the Eee PC was the Chatswood Myer store keeps theirs under glass; there's no opportunity to play with it or see how well it works.

It's another reason why I think Asus made a mistake choosing Myer. If they were serious, they should have insisted on properly trained staff, separate areas and distinct branding. Just like Apple do.

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JayJay said...

Actually, in the Sydney Myer store they had their own section with 6 on display, for you to play with. It's because I could 'fondle' them, feel the build quality, look at it's responsiveness, that I decided to get one. I think it was a smart move to get it going in Myer first, over the holiday season.
Now they are available at other stores too (I bought mine at OfficeWorks for $488).
Not sure, but I think the Apple guys are working for the Next Byte people, while the pc guys are Myer employees? And Myer rents out the space to Apple/Next byte?